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Saturday 6th November


A Zoom link will be sent to you by email shortly before the event.

If you have any questions, please get in touch by emailing admin@northernwomens

Online again! This is the second year we will not be meeting in person in Manchester or Leeds.

It was a hard decision to make, especially as many events are currently going ahead. But many are still feeling their way and not ready for a sizeable in-person conference. So Zoom it is.

However, this is a great opportunity. We can enjoy teaching and encouragement either in our own homes or getting together with a group of friends around a laptop. If you have the tech in your churches, why not meet as a big group watching together on screen? We are praying that being online will enable many women to access our conference from across the whole of the North (and maybe beyond!).

The subject is vital. As we come out of the pandemic, we may feel we do not have the energy for evangelism, yet we are acutely aware people need the good news of Jesus – vaccines do not save us for eternity. However, although we know the joy of a relationship with Jesus, telling people we are Christian is difficult. We struggle to share the gospel. Anna is speaking on ‘Contending for the Gospel’, fully aware that many of us feel weary, discouraged and fearful. She will help us understand how the Spirit works in our weakness. We are confident that it will be an encouraging morning.

This Convention meeting will be hosted online, via the Zoom streaming platform. In order to access the convention, you will either need to use the Zoom app on your phone, tablet or computer, or you can connect via the Zoom website and choose to watch in your usual internet browser.

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Anna McCracken

Anna McCracken lives in Liverpool, where she’s a member of Christ Church. She works part time for a charity, and is involved in evangelism in the various settings of part time work, the school run, speaking at evangelistic events and connecting with people through a women’s evangelistic bible study group. She’s married to Mo and has 3 primary school aged children.



Zoom room opens


Welcome and Bible reading


Main Talk 1: Anna McCracken


Prayer in breakout groups​


Coffee break




Main Talk 2: Anna McCracken


Prayer in breakout groups



Main Talks


Together for the gospel whatever the circumstances

‘Unprecedented’ is the word often used to describe living through a pandemic. Paul was living through ‘unprecedented’ times in his own life and yet encourages the church to keep proclaiming Jesus – whatever the circumstances they face. How can we rebuild courage, unity and confidence in our evangelism at this time when we feel so battle weary?


Overcoming fear in the Spirit's power

Fear so often wins in our evangelism – the missed opportunity, the clumsy conversation, the regret of not being bolder. But what if God has given us what we need to keep going – to take the small, flickering spark and to fan it into flame through the power of the Holy Spirit? We’ll see we have plenty of reason to take heart, however timid and ashamed we feel.