living with Christ

St Andrew's, Leyland

2nd May 2020

Doors open at 9:00. First session at 10:00. The day will end at 16:45. Tickets are £10 and must be booked in advance.

Unfortunately, due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 Northern Men's Convention has been cancelled.

Encouraging men to live for Christ has been the strap line of the Northern Men’s Convention since its inception in 2004 and we are always thrilled when we read the feed back forms, to learn that this has been achieved.

We can of course only live for Christ if we are living with Christ (the theme of this our 18th Convention) and this is challenging in so many areas. How do we live with Christ  in the daily to and fro and ups and downs of life?

How can we be Christ like, for surely that is the result of living with Christ, when we have problems at work; with our teenage children; when we have to face problems with mental illness or indeed when those of us who are married find things are not as we would like them to be. If we are honest I guess that we would each have to admit that this is hard and that often we fall short of what we know we should be and what we deep down want to be.

To address this key issue Mark Pickles will open and close the day by looking at the Bible’s teaching on what it means to live with Christ across the whole of our lives while sessions two and three will be devoted to seminars focussing on the issues already highlighted. These will be repeated in each session so that each delegate will be able to attend two out of the four.

It is our prayer that each of those who join us will leave at the end of the day challenged and envisioned from God’s word, applied to the whole of life and to specific areas a number of which, if not all, we will have first hand experience.

As usual there will be an extensive bookstall provided by 10ofthose and a number of mission agency stands from home and overseas which will help us to widen our vision for being men who live for Christ.

The seminars are

  • Living with Christ and Mental Illness – Steve Casey
  • Living with Christ at Work – Dimitri Aldred
  • Living with Christ in Marriage – Mark Pickles
  • Living with Christ and Teenagers – Robin Barfield
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Mark Pickles

Mark is the Director of Training for the North West Gospel Partnership. He spends his week teaching on the Ministry Training Course and working to engage partner churches in the North West, to help reach more people with the good news of the gospel.


Living with Christ and Anxiety/Depression

Steve Casey

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Living with Christ at Work

Dimitri Alldridge

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Living with Christ in Marriage

Mark Pickles

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Living with Christ and Teenagers

Robin Barfield

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St. Andrew's, Leyland

Worden Lane,
PR25 3AL

There is a large Tesco Extra opposite the church and those attending are welcome to use the car par adjacent to the store.


A full timetable will be available soon.

Refreshments – including tea and coffee – will be served at the morning and afternoon breaks and tea and coffee will be available on arrival. Delegates should provide their own lunch and there are a number of sandwich and other food outlets close to the church in addition to Tesco.


Doors Open


Hard copy flyers, if you can use them, are available from Andrew Bradley to whom any queries should be addressed.