Colossians - Living for Christ

Cornerstone Church, Nottingham

9th October 2021


You’ll be able to watch the event on the Christian Conventions YouTube Channel (click the button above)

We're delighted to confirm that MWC 2021 is happening on Saturday 9th October from 10am-2pm.

We’re able to offer an in-person convention from 10am-2pm at Cornerstone Church, Nottingham, as well as livestreaming the convention for those unable to attend.

How do we book?

Tickets will be available to book here from Wednesday 22nd September.

Why not arrange to come to Nottingham with a group of ladies from church? Why not organise a ‘watch party’ at your church/church hall/home?

Flyers can be downloaded in colour and black and white with full details (click the links to open the flyers!).

How much does it cost?

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re having to do things differently this year. For a variety of reasons we’ve decided not to charge for tickets this year, but instead to ask for donations.

You can make a donation on the booking page. 

(MWC is a not for profit organisation. Although it is run by volunteers, costs are still incurred for venue hire, refreshments, public liability insurance, song licencing, livestream licencing, etc. So whilst the tickets are free this year, it will still cost money to hold.)

Limited ticket availability

Initially we are releasing 300 tickets. We may be able to release more nearer the date depending on Covid-19, social distancing and the venue’s risk assessments.

We would ask you to be considerate to other people when booking tickets: because capacity is limited please only book a ticket if you are definitely planning to attend. Please don’t make a block booking for a group without knowing if you can fill the places. That’s why we’re delaying releasing tickets until next week, to give you time to find out who is coming!

Best wishes
MWC Committee

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Helen Thorne



Session 1: Colossians, Helen Thorne


Coffee Break


Session 2: Colossians, Helen Thorne


Lunch Break


Sofa Session