Making a


Godly men in a Godless world

One Convention. Three Locations.


Cornerstone, Nottingham

A full programme of in person sessions including the youth stream.


Monyhull Church, Birmingham

The main talks and two of the workshops (Godliness and Mental Health and Understanding a Godless World) will be live streamed from Cornerstone. The rest of the workshops and the music will be in person.


Watch live on YouTube

The full convention livestreamed including the Godliness and Mental Health and Understanding a Godless World workshops.

Cornerstone Church, Nottingham; Monyhull Church, Birmingham; & Online.

6 November 2021

Bookings open 15th September

Doors open at 9:30. First session at 10:00. The day will end at 16:30.

West: £10 & £7
East: £15 & £10
Online: £5

How can we stand firm as men of faith in an age when the tide against God and His truth seems so overwhelming?

How can godliness survive in a godless world? This is not uncharted territory. Generations of faithful men of God in the past have faced situations as dire and even worse than ours and have clung to godliness against all the odds. They’ve proved that God hears and vindicates those who throw themselves on God alone.

Rupert will be opening up the story of Hezekiah in 2 Kings which is written to encourage and teach us to stand firm in our day as Hezekiah did in his.


Rupert Bentley-Taylor

Rupert was born into a missionary family and lived as a child in the Far East where he came to faith. He taught history for six years and then went on to serve as a pastor for 30 years, firstly in Bournemouth and then in Bath. Rupert has taught the Bible on a number of training courses and conventions and has been engaged in preaching training in North India over many years. He and his wife, Margie, have four grown-up children and many grandchildren!


We’ve a wide selection of engaging workshops to help us grow as godly men. You’ll be able to take part in two during the day and need to indicate your choice when booking.

Godliness and Mental Health

Chris & Zena Schofield (East & West)

Mental health is a growing concern in our society, but what does the Bible say about it and how we are to respond to it? Chris and Zena have a wealth of experience both as psychiatrists and as biblical counsellors. They will help us approach mental health in a godly way, whether for ourselves or when helping and supporting others.

Understanding a Godless World

John Stevens (East & West)

We want to be men who make a difference for Christ in our families, churches, communities and workplaces. John will help us see the values and direction of the culture around us today so as to help us be godly men in 21st Century Britain.

The Great Gain of Godliness

John Russell (East) & Chris Hobbs (West)

We live in world obsessed with fitness and wellness. Paul tells us physical training is good (1 Tim 4:8), but he goes on to say there’s something even better: ‘godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come’. This workshop will help us engage our hearts and minds with what the gains of godliness are and how we can pursue godliness in our lives.

Godliness and Getting older

David Fielding (East) & Peter Barham (West)

In a culture that worships youth, join with others to think, with gospel hope and realism, about God’s desire for us all to get older in a godly way. This workshop will help us encourage each other to keep going and to keep growing in godliness in middle age and beyond.

Godliness in a Digital Age

Stuart Dean (East) & Andy Weatherley (West)

The internet, mobiles and gaming are changing our lives enormously. To help us glorify God in our digital lives we’ll be exploring the ways technology threatens our ethics, relationships and the way we view ourselves. And we’ll see more of the opportunities open for us to make a difference for Jesus in this area of our lives.

Godliness and God’s Word

Mark Selby (East) & John James (West)

What will make the greatest difference to us as we live in an ungodly world? What will most distinguish us, ground us, shape us and bless us as we live amongst ungodly people? In this workshop, we’ll turn to Psalm 1 to discover how engaging with God’s word is the way through which God blesses, strengthens and makes us fruitful throughout the Christian life.


Monyhull Church



Refreshments will be available on arrival and during the breaks. Delegates should provide their own lunch.


Doors Open


Welcome & Introduction


Godliness Tested, 2 Kings 18


Morning Break








Afternoon Break


Godliness Vindicated, 2 Kings 19



Youth Stream

We’re delighted to be able to offer a youth stream (14-18). The teenagers will join the main session but have their own dedicated workshops, led by experienced and DBS checked youth leaders. This will only be run at Cornerstone, Nottingham, so make sure you select the East when you book.

More info.

As well as our usual venue at Cornerstone, Nottingham, this year we also have a satellite venue at Monyhull Church in Birmingham.

The programme will be the same at both locations, the only difference being that the main talks and two of the workshops will be live streamed in the West. The rest of the workshops will be in person, together with a live band. The youth stream will only be in the East.

To encourage attendance in the West we are offering a 30% discount off the usual ticket price.

We are aware that some may not yet be able, or comfortable, attending in person so are also offering online access. You’ll be able to watch the whole convention, including two workshops: Godliness and Mental Health and Understanding a Godless World via YouTube live. The online ticket cost is £5. Once you have registered, we will send you a link to the livestream.

Please note:
We offer a concessionary ticket for those who would find it difficult to pay the standard price. Please consider paying the full price if you can, since this helps to support those who can’t.

There will be a £2 surcharge for all tickets bought on the door